Friday, September 26, 2014

"Inspirations for writing 'The Rise to Power' - Book 1 - in The Legacy Series"

For years I've known that a book was inside me. When I finally set about writing it, the process felt natural. I wrote for days and days on end - and then for months.
My inspiration for Book 1 the Rise to Power was life itself. I wanted to challenge of integrating the pragmatism of everyday life with the unseen world beyond. The world we cannot see has a structure. For example; what is a miracle? It's something that happens; yet we cannot quantify it. We can't explain it in the practical, real world. However, if we were able to transport ourselves into the future,say two thousand years ahead, would it be just an everyday event?
It is my hope that this book-and the entire 'Legacy series'- provokes you, the reader, to dig more deeply into your everyday lives-to look at what lies beyond our reach. This first book is an all-encompassing story of business, love affairs, human relationships, intrigue, an expression of human nature, and all our facets.
From the past I have brought us to the present.
Our history may not be as it appears or has been written. I have attempted to make the reader see things from a different perspective through this transcending of an intense story.
I would like the reader to "suspend disbelief",let go and enjoy the possibility that this could have been a reality in the civilization preceding us. So open your minds and know that this may be possible for all of us one day.
I wish all my readers to have a great experience and know there's more to come! 

Happy reading to you all, and know I'm always available to answer any and all of your questions!!

David Francis