Monday, November 21, 2016


A fundamental change has now taken place in the political parties of the United States:

Republican Party:  Now under the present direction of the newly President Elect, Donald Trump, this can hardly be called the Republican Party. The dynamics of thought have completely shifted.  To what was traditionally a party of the elitist right wing authority of all that was held to be the very essence of what was truly American politics, upholding all the values of free enterprise, religious values and all that the ruling classes of America stood for. Now it has become a more democratic entity upholding the rights of Americans that feel that the elitist power base has totally betrayed Main Street. Donald Trump has struck a nerve with Americans who feel lost and forgotten in what they believe America was and should be again. By putting a hold on immigration, which should have been dealt with decades ago and wasn’t, and realizing that main stream America was being lost in the process.
Abraham Lincoln
This clever tactic of recognizing these fundamental facts, has brought traditional Democrats and Independents to want representation where they have a party that’s going to stand up to congress and its total lack of consideration for jobs, health care, and the well being of WHITE America, over minorities. Over the years the steady influx of immigrants and illegals, has created a division where cheap labor from immigrants at the price of white America has been forgotten, and by the outsourcing of work to the rest of the world at the price of the working people and middle class America.

This has resulted in the unheard ‘Rust Belts’, revolting from all sides to newly coming of age students, with an opportunity to vote, who see no opportunity for there futures in this country. This party should be renamed the Nationalist party of America, the now new NPA? To my mind the Republican Party of old was so fractured, with its myriad of ideals, it didn’t have a hope in hell of being elected.

Democratic Party: By contrast it appears the Democrats who formerly had this nucleus of the electorate, backed by Unions who were the main stay of the party have completely shifted away. You now have Hillary Clinton’s support by Wall Street, vast corporations and super pacts, which have completely shifted to support the America they want. It’s as though the Democratic movement has shifted to what the Republican Party, in part was once?

In addition, you have a Bernie Sanders, who stands for what I believe the majority of people really want, better education for all America in order to bring up the rear to balance out the elitist force that’s driving the country. His only problem is, it is out of total alignment with all the values of enterprise and the very essence of what America has been since its inception.  So the Democratic Party is really not united in its purpose, and had Bernie Sanders been given a greater roll in this election I truly believe the result would have been different.
Senator Bernie Sanders (left) Former Democratic Nominee, Hillary Clinton (Right)
Conclusion: There you have the picture, without expressing in depth that both parties wanted reform, but it was a question of who better to bring this about. The electorate has spoken. The situation we have today is not unlike what took place at the turn of the twentieth century. It has all happened before, just in another way. We had the ‘Robber barons’, J.P. Morgan, John D, Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and  Vanderbilt. Between these four people they controlled America. The Sherman Anti Trust laws put an end to that by busting up these monopolies. Capitalism, small business and enterprise have been the very essence and backbone of what America has been and is, but without regulation unbridled greed and corruption can take over. Its is we the people that must stop this, for the divisions that have been created between Wall Street and Main Street have become out of control.

I have touched on a vast subject, that whatever we now face, we must not desert the values of our ‘Founding Fathers’. We must seek ways to create greater integration among all races. When I opened my son’s history book, when he was in elementary school, it clearly stated that, ‘we are a nation of immigrants’, and until that is fully respected, we will not reach that pinnacle of becoming, as we have been, an example to the rest of the world. 
"We are a Nation of Immigrants."
On a final note, to give my personal opinion, racism must be faced head on and dealt with. We have a problem that has been avoided for far too long. Arriving here for a short period in 1967 and returning to England in 1972, I was exposed to an extremely hostile environment between Black and White people. Something I had never encountered, growing up in England. The Viet Nam war was also a time for student revolt and the burning of draft cards. I returned to live in America in 1976.
Even under the Carter administration these areas of racial conflict were somehow appeased but not completely.

It has always amazed me how the Jewish people who have had so much opposition for thousands of years, have been tortured, degraded and treated horrifically by Hitler in WW II, yet where ever they settle they learn the language, integrate with the culture, and respectfully keep their own religious beliefs and values among themselves. All races could learn much from what they have endured, and given back to not only this nation but to the world. Benjamin Disraeli a Jew was Queen Victoria’s favorite Prime Minister in England, at a time of extreme elitism and World Empire acclamation. The list of excellence this race of people has given in, music, Hollywood, science, the medical field and finance, has been invaluable. All of us could take a step backwards and remember that the black race too has also much to be proud of in many fields of endeavor. We of the so called white race, should start to recognize that without the many different races that make up this planet, we alone would not have been able to achieve what has been done. So the first is only as good as the last. It’s not about race and the color of our skin it’s about the right person being equally chosen for the endeavor, based upon pragmatic understanding and values. We can no longer base our values on the animalistic part of our being, this has got us to where we are today, but we must now evolve into a new age where the greater spiritual part of our being is brought to the forefront. Without this understanding we will continue to be a backward people who live in a world of conflict and territorial beliefs that still remain apart of our undoing.