Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Certainly a time for even greater change than the human race has ever known. The advancement from the digital age into genetics is all encompassing! The challenges of ISIL, certainly brings to all of us a new understanding that’s not easily overcome?  We can carpet bomb like we did in Viet Nam and Iraq, and as Russia has tried to do in Northern Syria, does it work, NO. So what is the answer? You may well ask. Since mankind has existed we have developed equipment to attack, survive and in response we build to defend, and so the constant spiral has led us to today.

So what is the answer to what can only be described as a virus that spreads because of hatred? Its when there’s apathy we are truly lost. “Love and hate are but horns upon the same bull!” So hate is the opposite side of love. In science we work to eradicate a virus by engineering a vaccine /antidote, to neutralize the invader. So right here, lies a message that we can learn from nature. War, what a useless, but in some cases a necessary evil Have we not come this far, to not realize that all these measures are temporary and not lasting.

We continue to travel the Ferris wheel of Karma, repeating the same mistakes again and again, only to achieve power and territorial control as a result of our fears. The world is truly a complex place, of our own making. “The first is only as good as the last”, in order to reverse this animosity, change must take place in our hearts and minds.

People attracted to a cause like ISIL, choose this dark way of life not through logic, but through what they perceive as injustice, being left out, not cared for. Money and power that travels with the so-called good and just, have to change their paradigm of life. Otherwise it will always be them and us. Look into our own families, how many of us have perfect relations with our family or friends, why because we continue to punish our brothers and sisters for their mistakes. THE BLAME GAME, which we choose not to forget, because they are who they are?

Has the world advanced, yes! Spiritually NO! The world will continue to have these dynamics until mankind recognizes that without love and compassion, it will just advance as it always has from the bow and arrow! The world of protecting territory, through fear.

I was fascinated by the documentary on CNN about Iceland. Here’s a nation of peaceful coexistence, non religious, but spiritually aware, most nations would balk at the fact of no marriage and having children, from other relations living under the same roof, with a man and a woman. It appears to work. I’m not prescribing socialism, far from it. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs since the Boer wars of the 1890’s. I am hardened capitalist, where I believe people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Yet I look at Scandinavia, and other more peaceful parts of the world, Canada to some extent. Where racial integration does work, and a fairer distribution of wealth exists. Jesus Christ never started a church; he considered the planet as a whole. St. Paul was the main builder of Christianity after Jesus’s life, more so than the legend of St. Peter who became the founding rock of the Roman Catholic Church.

Have we lost our way? Should we not zoom out and start to see things differently, and bring this world into a higher understanding of humanity, and awareness of people’s deficiencies and excesses? Have we not had enough practice, or is it always going to be an “eye for an eye”?

We can follow our Lord and all be great citizens of the planet, but “Oh no please don’t take away all the things I’ve worked so hard for. God did not mean us to be without, but where do our hearts truly lie?”

So Mr. Trump, “all for me and none for you”, in the name of America! Or Mr. Sanders lets feed them all, teach them all and give free health? Where’s the cash coming from? There lies a balance, but it remains abundantly clear that we must bring up the rear.

Cartoon by: Gary Varvel-IndyStar

For America to advance in today’s world, we must stay true to innovation, investing in R&D, to remain at the top of technological advancement, that’s going at a screaming pace in the world. Gone are the days of making shoes and the like, unless massive investment is made in equipment, or robotics, jobs lie in the afore mentioned.

The third world can run circles around us. So Mr. Trump import tariffs on imported goods, is not the answer. We are in a Global economy! Invest in what we do well. For our exports ‘are the key’ to any country’s future success. Cross train people into knew jobs, and don’t underestimate the purchasing power of the United States. This not only allows the public at large to buy goods and services at lower prices than other parts of the world, but also recognize how many people come here from other parts of the world, who bring tourism and buy products here at lower prices, which is another form of export called invisible exports. If we start to work with a different mind set, we can find a way to enter a more peaceful age on this planet. Who knows, this maybe the beginning?

In my books I attempt to write about families that started modestly only to gain honors, but few last the generations to keep their founding values. Greed, power, the physical temptations of life can lead us astray. It creates a dynamic tapestry for my books, but behind my writings lays a distinct message interwoven for all my characters’ journey. Having written two books and almost finished the third, I will have completed this trilogy that’s taken me almost five years.

It has been my love and passion, to finally write, after an extremely fast and furious pace in my life. I will miss my characters, but will write more other stories that span across the ages, with my love of history and those that can and do stay the course. Recognizing we are only the keepers and stewards of the vineyard, and through it all, pass onto the next generation values that have surpassed the test of time.