Wednesday, February 3, 2016


There is no doubt understanding the voting for the caucuses takes a moment. The different procedure used by the Democratic Party, to the Republican Party is also interesting. That being said, the polls noted for their accuracy in Iowa were certainly amiss this time! This throws light on the fact that the nation’s electorate has definitely shifted its course toward the left. Congress’s inability to meet the demands of the middle class, through what appears to be over defending the rights of those with privilege, is the root cause of today’s political deadlock. The real test will be, can the obvious anger and frustration witnessed by the media from the average American be met. The youth of our nation want change, similar again to the 2008 election when the charisma of Barack Obama swept the nation.

I will now focus on the front-runners’ as the outcome was quite different to what was expected.


Much to most people’s surprise, Ted stole the day for the Republicans. It still seems there is a very hardcore following of religious fervor in Iowa. Ted Cruz was able to capture and convince the people due to the caucus process and win over the voters, which really speaks to his well-organized ground game. His cool and steady demeanor, in the face of Trump’s fear mongering and public diminishment, won out. As I originally blogged, this man is tough enough to go up against the show biz flash of Trump. My concern is he has a fine line to tread in order to weave a path between many states that see the new world we are entering very differently.

Ted Cruz-R (left) Donald Trump- R (Right) Photo Credit: Politico


Trump’s continual rhetoric is starting to get old, yes he wants change, don’t we all, but somehow, somewhere more substance and fact must be given, in order to meet the confidence of the more experienced voter. The USA is not a corporation, nor is being a President, is becoming a dictator. I respect he did handle himself with some sense of humility in favor of Cruz, more of those qualities and substance will do much to regain his momentum.


Rubio did much to gain ground with the first time voter, and for those who are still learning the real issues at stake. He is appealing and brings new blood without actually offering anything really new.  It’s my belief that Trump not showing up at the debate hurt him, and it was Rubio who capitalized most.

Marco Rubio-Republican Presidential Candidate Photo Credit: Yahoo


In my opinion she was lucky to win. Be it by such a small margin. Her experience, husband and family are a big part of her maintaining her position. If she wants to be the nominated person for the Democrats, it’s going to take a lot more than she’s shown so far. She must listen to her husband who is a pro at connecting with the crowd and their issues. Less, talk about yourself Hillary, the people want to know you, they already know what you’ve done. They need you to truly understand what they want and in spite of some mistakes the electorate need to know they can trust you. You have proven your worth already, no question. Face the tough issues that haunt you and reaffirm what should be yours for the taking.

Bernie Sanders (left) Hillary Clinton (Right) Photo Credit: Yahoo


It’s impossible to not like Bernie, his passion and appeal, and ability to lure the younger population speaks well to the values this man portrays. I like his policies, but Bernie you are not going to pay the bills by robbing the rich to pay for the poor. What you want with free education, health care, electoral reform will not create wealth. I applaud your good heart and outright honesty about the country we live in. However capitalism has its way, have a referee absolutely, but don’t drive out business from this country that means jobs!


We still have a long way to go, each front contender has something to offer, but in my opinion I don’t see yet the all encompassing person that can reach across the isle, reduce division in congress and in simple words, ‘GET THINGS DONE’!



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